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“Blind dining or dining in the dark originated by Jorge Speilmann a blind clergyman from Zurich whose guests would sometimes choose to wear blindfolds during their meals with him to show solidarity to their host, they found that this heightened their sense of taste and smell and made their dining experience more enjoyable.  Jorge Speilmann opened the first dark dining restaurant called blindkuh ( blindman’s buff ) in Zurich in 1999.”


Please arrive on time for your booking so you can enjoy a drink in our bar and be briefed on what to expect from the whole experience, at this point you can also order your wine or any drinks you would like placed in the dining room to have with your meal.

Before heading in to the dining area you will be asked to place all personal items especially phones, cameras, lighters, watches, basically anything that has a light source, in to a locker as these items are prohibited in the dining room.

We also recommend that you use the bathroom at this point as leaving the dining area half way through your meal could spoil your experience.

Then you will be introduced to your to your blind or visually impaired guide who will lead you into the darkness and show you to your seats you can familiarize yourselves with the table lay out and let the dining experience begin, If at anytime you need assistance simply call out your guides first name and they will help you.

You will be served 9 courses, 3 starters 3 main and 3 desserts all cleverly and thoughtfully put together by our chef to put your taste to the test, try to remember what you think you have eaten for each course, the whole experience takes between 60-90 mins.

Once you have finished dining your guide will lead you back to the bar area where you can enjoy another drink and we will discuss what you ate compared to what you thought you ate, and show you the pictures of all the dishes we served to you.

We hope you will enjoy this experience and tell all your friends to try it although don’t let them know what you ate, after all it is a surprise menu and changes regularly so it’s doubtful they will have the same as you!